We know everything about ATMs.

Equipment for skimming, ready-to-use kits for installing on Wincor, Diebold, Ncr, Nautilus Hyosung, Gus pums and ingenico terminals.

Exclusive deals for requests on LAN, Shimmers, pinpads.
Individual design, development and sale of drawings, including those adapted for printing on 3D printers.

Support and provision in development of printed circuit boards and electronics.

In our stocks always available: audio electronics with or without encryption. Encryption is performed by hardware AES, the keys are individual for each client, the hardware implementation does not bury the key in RAM memory.

And also there are batteries, heads, pinpads for the assembly.

Quality is assured, in case of disputes, we provide replacement.

Delivery is worldwide with courier companies, including Russia and the CIS.

Our services includes decoding services with audio equipment.

We decrypt with magnetic protections and jitters.

We provide recommendations for setting up audio equipment.

Equipment can be installed on the atms with jitter and magnetic noise.

It is possible to install shielding materials on some devices, which makes it possible to use devices on an ATM with magnetic noise. Shielding can significantly reduce noise and improve recording quality.

Also equipment with data encryption function is available. This choice is for people who are considering the purchase of a skimming kit, to rent to installers under %. The data encryption function, in this case, guarantees the transfer of the collected material from the installer to the owner of the equipment and eliminates the renter bypassing the owner.
For transactions, the escrow service is welcome.

After the purchase, you can count on the consultation on the equipment and recommendations on the installation, it is possible to provide a jabber contact of support team.

Services are provided in other forums, with verification and feedback.
THE ONLY SKIMMING SERVICES, WITH REPUTATION FOR MORE THAN 9 YEARS, in closed and open carding forums. (Further details are on the ESCROW section, which contains all the information).

CAUTION! The retailer doesn’t sell Dump+PIN.
If somebody try to sell Dump+PIN, you should understand, that you are deceived.

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